Friday, June 30, 2006

Guess we should have taken it out of the envelope

Thereasa was wonderful enough to let me borrow her camera for these pics. (Thanks ever so much) I didn't have the flash on for the first one - but I managed to get it so that it wasn't all dark.

There are only four girls in the grade 7 french immersion class - from left to right - Rebecca, Lauren, Jasmyn and Wendy. Wendy received the proficiency award for grade 7.

Then we have Jasmyn's cousin Brandy, and a rare picture of myself.

The school has allowed Jasmyn to use a clarinet for the summer, and although she has only been playing it for a few weeks she is amazing already.

Yvonne led me to this really cool site from google. Click here to fly from continent to continent, view terrain and cities in 3D and even get driving directions. Definitely worth checking out.

Later Days!


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