Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not much of a noticeable change in the composting experiment. The bag is still crunchy but has suffered some sun fading.

On a tasty note, Chantal and I experimented with a few candied bacon recipes. After trying a brown sugar coating, a brown sugar and maple syrup combination and finally a maple syrup and cayenne pepper mix we found a winner.

At 350F bake bacon for 10 minutes on a baking rack set on a cookie sheet. Brush both sides with maple syrup and cayenne(if you don't like a little zip omit the cayenne) every five minutes until done - approximately 30 minutes. Let cool on aluminum foil spayed with Pam.
It's sweet, salty and smoky addition that is amazingly versatile. We've used it as a topping for sticky buns, in a guacamole recipe that I'll share in a later post, on bagels with cream cheese and cucumber and obviously as a straight up snack!
Hope I've inspired you to make bacon the most important meal of the day!!

Later Days!!


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