Friday, August 11, 2006

Lots to see

My imaginary friend called and insisted on coming over, and I could hear the immense smile she was wearing in her voice. I didn't think a pillow could change my life, but I have not woken up to a sore neck and back since she gave this to me. She was immensely pleased with herself for having bought this for me and I can't thank her enough - I feel great!

Sue stopped by the other day. I had to get up (but for Sue I don't mind) have a shower - too hot to run the hair dryer (I do own one) and then catch up on the past couple of months. Sue works in Orillia so we don't get together as often as we used to but a big hug leads to stories exchanged and laughs shared. Thanks for the visit Sue, you always make my day.

This bad boy was found outside of my imaginary friends' house. (She is imaginary because you will never see a pic of her, and I can't speak her name online - and I respect that) She was reaching in to a shrub to pull out a weed and screamed after almost wearing the web. Posted by Picasa

Jasmyn is off to the Kincardine Music Festival on Monday - I am so proud of her.


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