Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ionic Cleansing Adventure

This was one of those impulse things - definitely interesting. My imaginary friend and I had seen a sign for this process at My Scissors and I in Hanover and had meant to go last week.
Grant explained the science of ionic cleansing as he prepared the water, adding only sea salt. I had no idea I was so dirty!
For the morbidly curious, he has seen far more disgusting sessions, but I did acheive the highest rating on the 'filth-o-meter' for the day.
Grant did explain that my case a week of diet coke is evil, and of course the amount of air born heavy metals that are absorbed into my body at work is seriously detrimental to my health as well. After a half hour toxin sucking session, Grant rinses and dries your feet and finishes with a brief foot rub.
I didn't really have any expectations, though I thought that I would have felt like something was leaving my body, but I found it to be quite a relaxing process if you don't dwell on the revolting filth that you didn't realize that you were harboring. Grant is very knowledgeable and I felt very much at ease during the entire cleansing.
I will let you know if I get any relief from the violent headaches - this is one of the many benefits I can expect from ionic cleansing - and for the next week I am going to lay off of Diet Coke, pre-packaged snacks and see what kind of difference we see when I go again next Thursday.

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