Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ionic Cleansing - Second Visit

Well after one week with no caffeine, and less sugar, I felt fantastic! Tons of energy and fewer headaches - who would have thought it possible? Though I must admit a little remorse over throwing away a habit that I have nurtured for more than half of my life....sigh. Anyway just a quick reminder how bad last week was...................

.........and now some pics from this week's cleansing after the same amount of time.

Jasmyn was not impressed.... Chantal was repulsed.

My imaginary friend fared well this week and was able to get rid of a lot of toxins. I was very pleased for her..........

Before I sign off I have to share a web site. This site transfers your mp3's to your cell phone to be used as ringtones.....very easy to use and free - a bit of a wait time, but worth it.

Later Days!


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