Monday, September 12, 2011

a wee update.............

The chip bag in a pot of dirt experiment proved to be as unexciting as it sounded.......still crunchy and still all there, albeit a titchy bit sun faded. So don't go throwing these bags out the car window-----they will not biodegrade any time soon.

My metatarsals are feeling much better but what the doctors thought was a ganglion cyst under the ligament in my forefinger took me to a surgeon at the Hasewega Clinic in Stratford for surgery.
Fortunately there is a great little yarn shop there called Closeknit. In my two trips down so far i have come away with enough yarn to keep me busy while i'm off work waiting happily for my finger to heal. I am throwing the yarn with my middle finger.(with an impressive level of proficiency I might add)
Far right is Crazy Zauberball and next to it is Fleece Artist and Misti Alpaca in between. I'll have more recent news in the next post............

Later days!!

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