Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not bionic parts.....

After having suffered enough, i finally went to see my family doctor about the pain i was experiencing while walking. The good news was that nothing was broken though i was disappointed to hear that once again bionic parts were not going to be offered to me. (They said no when i broke my leg and again for the flexor tendon issue in my finger)
I was, instead, referred to Melissa Bendo [B.Kin, Ped (C)]. She did some manipulation of my foot,
snapped some photos and took video of my gimpy walk. After a detailed explanation of my issue (dropped metatarsals) she whipped out a pretty foam mold.
As you can see, my left foot impression lacks support. Melissa was knowledgeable and makes the orthodics herself so any adjustments can be made in a timely fashion----and i get them tomorrow!! I truly cannot wait to be able to walk again and begin my running regiment!

Later Days!!

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